Our Legacy

Howard S. Wright's success is constructed on the values, principles and vision of the man whose name we proudly bear. Our dedication to quality, efficiency and economy has helped Howard S. Wright grow into one of the West Coast’s leading contractors.

With a combined 203 years of experience, a commitment to sustainable building, a passion for new technology and a devotion to excellence, Howard S. Wright and Balfour Beatty Construction are ready to change the world, one project at a time.

Here’s a snapshot of our two companies:

Our reason for getting up in the morning

We are passionate about building quality projects and lasting relationships. We strive to be a recognized leader in every community in which we work by consistently exceeding our clients’ and partners’ expectations.

Our Core Values

T.R.U.S.T.:  Trust is the foundation of our business, created by being honest in all our dealings and actions.

  • Teamwork: To maximize efforts, satisfaction and results by having everyone working together toward a common goal.
  • Resilience: To withstand the competitive and cyclical nature of our industry by being dynamic, flexible, innovative and operationally excellent.
  • Understanding: To meet clients’ needs by first understanding our clients’ businesses and requirements.
  • Service: To practice servant leadership and develop a service-oriented culture at all levels.
  • Training: To be a learning organization that helps people realize their full potential and provides promotional opportunities from within.

Our Operating Principles

Howard S. Wright—the man—left us with a way of doing things and treating people that has only become more valued as we look ahead toward the future. We:

  • strive to treat others as they wish to be treated;
  • create a safe, injury-free and mutually respectful work environment for all people;
  • set measurable goals and strive to achieve them;
  • are fair, firm and consistent in all our dealings;
  • listen to each other and strive to understand other points of view;
  • strive to be timely, open and honest in our communication;
  • discourage behavior based solely on self-interest;
  • expect all people to take and share responsibility for their work;
  • promote our company with pride;
  • are good corporate citizens.