Safety is our most important duty and responsibility. Howard S. Wright is a leader in safety because we choose to be. Providing a safe, injury-free work environment for all people, whether on the jobsite or in the office, is an operating principle we live by.

A Core Value

We know that our actions create our culture and our operating principles are what guide the attitude, character and behavior of our people. A culture of safety will only survive the test of time if it is part of our daily actions at every level of our organization, from jobsite laborers to senior management.

Commitment to Participation in Safety

Our number one goal on every job is to send every worker home, every day, injury-free. The success of our safety and health program is a direct result of continuing commitment from our project partners—through ongoing education, rigorous activity pre-planning, job specific safety analysis plans, and accountability from every construction team member.

Safety Program Highlights

  • Corporate, regional and project safety
  • Phased safety planning
  • Preconstruction involvement of safety managers
  • Site specific safety manuals
  • Jobsite safety orientation
  • Safety training

Incident Protocol

Incident Protocol is a process for incident review and education for all staff and subcontractors. Should an incident or accident occur, our senior management is involved from the beginning of the investigation to implementing preventative measures. The thoroughness of our review process and the involvement of senior management have made a significant, positive impact in the reduction of incidents. Our process includes:

  • Immediate notification of the incident to senior management
  • A prescribed incident review process including subcontractor management
  • Communication about lessons learned to educate and prevent recurrence
  • Company-wide senior management review weekly of all project incidents