• Chase_2
  • Owner: JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association
  • Architect: Callison Architecture
  • Location: NW Oregon & SW Washington
  • Value: $8,000,000
  • Delivery Method: Negotiated
  • Completion Date: May 1, 2009

Special Project Group

JP Morgan Chase Conversions

This project consisted of 44 branch bank conversions in NW Oregon and SW Washington. The conversions occurred during a seven-week time frame and all work had to be done on off-hours. The scope ranged from basic paint and carpet to complex branch modifications. Each branch had an accelerated schedule and all were occupied during construction.

HSW was responsible for managing the Owner’s vendors which numbered more than our own in many cases. To accomplish this large amount of work is such a short time frame, we had 11 Superintendents, five Project Managers, two Project Engineers, one Administrative person and a host of Craft people.

Each branch was completed on time and at budget with no disruption to branch operations.