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  • Owner: City of McMinnville
  • Architect: BOORA Architects
  • Location: McMinnville, OR
  • Size: 35,000 ft2
  • Value: $8,300,000
  • Delivery Method: Lump Sum
  • Completion Date: October 1, 2008

McMinnville Public Services Building

The 35,462 sf structural steel building features exposed steel columns, exposed high ceilings and abundant natural light through the top two floors. The entrance lobby on the main floor has many security features, such as bullet resistant glass and panels and ballistic rated doors.
Behind the security doors, are offices and support areas for police officers and administrators, and the 911 call center for Yamhill County, Y-com. This space has a large mechanical room with a data center.
The basement level includes a booking area and four holding cells, the armory and an evidence lab with a blood drying cabinet.