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  • Owner: Sherwood Civic Building
  • Architect: Thomas Hacker Architects, Inc.
  • Location: Sherwood, OR
  • Size: 31,000 ft2
  • Value: $6,700,000
  • Delivery Method: CM/GC
  • Completion Date: January 5, 2006

Sherwood Civic Building

This building houses the new library, city council, and city engineering services building for the City of Sherwood. It is the new focal point for the Sherwood Community and has brought renewed life into the historic downtown Sherwood area. The building is constructed with CMU walls, elegant steel columns, exposed steel decks, and curtain walls. The exterior skin is a curtainwall and brick veneer with precast coping, bands, and sills. A local artist was commissioned to design five exterior pre-cast panels that run vertically up the building. The exposed metal decks, steel columns, and beams fill the interior with natural light. High level sustainable finishes including quarry tile, recycled rubber tile, and recycled carpet. Both floors are raised access floors that conceal duct work, data raceways, and electrical conduit. The floor space also acts as the HVAC plenum.