• Wachovia_3
  • Wachovia_2
  • Owner: Wachovia
  • Architect: Callison Architects
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Size: 2,800 ft2
  • Value: $514,145
  • Delivery Method: Lump Sum
  • Completion Date: January 9, 2008

Wachovia – 3 Arizona Locations

HSW has constructed three new ground-up Wachovia branch bank locations ranging in size from 2,800 sf to 4,100 sf. Construction included underground utilities, light gauge steel framing the shell, CMU veneer, concrete, drive-up canopies, single ply thermoplastic roofs, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, acoustical ceilings, painting, landscaping, etc. Each location was constructed simultaneously and completed within a four-month schedule.