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  • Owner: Washington Mutual
  • Architect: Design Forum Architects
  • Location: AZ & NV
  • Size: 2,000 ft2
  • Value: $434,734
  • Delivery Method: Negotiated
  • Completion Date: November 21, 2006


  • Beautification Award of Merit, City of Tempe

Washington Mutual Occasio Sites

For over 20 years Howard S. Wright has performed work for Washington Mutual (WAMU). In the Southwest region alone, projects we’ve completed for WAMU include 25 sites in Arizona and six sites in the Las Vegas market. These projects were mainly tenant improvements in either new or existing shell buildings, as well as several ground-up facilities.
Branch sizes ranged from 2,000 to 4,000 sf. Each project required a high degree of cooperation with bank vendors and OFCI suppliers as schedules were very tight. Interior systems and finishes for these sites included:
- Mechanical and electrical systems
- Interior finishes and millwork
- Security and safety components
- Coordination of fixtures
Each site had strict opening dates and Howard S. Wright successfully opened every branch on-time.