• Owner: Byxbee Development Partner
  • Architect: Carter-Burgess and Butler Design Group
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Size: 23,500 ft2
  • Value: $5,870,092
  • Delivery Method: CMAR
  • Completion Date: November 15, 2007

Windgate Crossing

Windgate Crossing consists of two white box/grey shell structures, totaling 19,000 sf for retail use and a 4,500 sf Bank of America facility on the same property. The three ground-up structures for Byxbee Development Partners were constructed at the same time as another 15,000 sf CVS drugstore by another contractor on site. All four projects were done concurrently, which led to many challenges in the site logistics, but enabled the Owner to have a completed shopping center with major tenants in place at turnover.

Wingate Crossing is located in the City of Scottsdale and has over three acres dedicated to Native Area Open Spaces per the City’s specifications and guidelines. This raised many additional challenges with site access and the protection of these “untouched” areas. We worked closely with the City of Scottsdale and the landscape contractor to maintain as many areas as possible and bring any interrupted areas back to their native appearance.

Byxbee Development retained two architects for this project, one for the exterior work and the other for the structures themselves.  Howard S. Wright worked hand in hand with both architects in the field to meld the two designs into one, which resulted in a great success.