Preconstruction Services

Getting it right from the start means getting it right, period. We plan early; our clients reap the rewards.

Preconstruction Services Header

Our preconstruction services provide reliable project estimates and schedules, timely constructability reviews and value engineering—all delivered in a collaborative manner, providing our clients with solutions before construction starts.

This process includes the following key components:

  • Estimating. Early, detailed estimates are prepared, based on real pricing from the current marketplace. Our systems format tracks each building component separately, so that estimates are easy to understand. Progressive estimates follow each major design phase and include tailored budget variance reports. Clients benefit from timely information to make informed decisions.
  • Scheduling. Detailed, real-world schedules are created at the start of each project. This is done in the spirit of maintaining an open-book approach to information sharing. Our schedules include detailed construction and material procurement activities. Owner, designer, consultant and/or public entity activities are included to ensure teamwork and cooperation.
  • Constructability Reviews. Working with the design team, we review progressive design drawings and construction details, applying our knowledge of how buildings go together. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used extensively to resolve spatial conflicts of different materials trying to occupy the same three dimensional point in space. We help the design team produce good working drawings by resolving conflicts in the design phase, which saves clients time and money.
  • Value Engineering. We integrate value engineering with constructability and focus on saving money where it doesn’t impact the aesthetics or function of the project. We bring alternatives to the project team, while maintaining design intent and preserving our client’s objectives.
  • Collaboration. We bring a cooperative approach to client projects. We challenge ourselves to continually improve our services and discipline in delivering creative solutions. By adapting our processes to fit each client’s needs, our focus stays on project objectives, ensuring that goals are met.